sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

DownDroid goes Open Source

Thanks to this app (and obviously thanks to all of you who have voted my app in Android Market) I have a Nexus One, so the least I could do is to share the project source.

P.D : In the source code I have removed the megaupload captcha trick to avoid problems with third parties, so it will only work on megaupload for premium users.

5 comentarios:

  1. Mmm, where can I find previous versions? I googled for 1.07, but I can't find it anywhere ;/

  2. Why would you like to use previous versions? In the last version I've added a lot of features : I've changed the list user interface to make it clearer (now I'm using Android ProgressBar component) and I've added some interesting information about the download (speed, remaining time,...)

  3. Hi, i'm using android 1.5 and i can't find the app in the Market, where can i find the apk file to install to my android?

    Sorry for my english.

  4. Hi, if i use the phone while downloading, after a while, my downloads dissapear and stop. (perhaps andoid is closing the app?)
    Besides that, a fantastic app!

  5. Hola que diferencia hay entre DownDroid S y DownDroid comun? Saludos y gracias!