jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

DownDroid 1.0 is out!

You can find it on Android Market.

Welcome Screen

Go to browser, google some interesting links to download, select them and copy to clipboard and finally press the first button (selected in the welcome screen menu). Download will start inmediately. You can find downloaded files in your SD card, in a folder called 'dd' (without quotes).

Downloading files

You can also add links manually using the add button :

Adding download link manually

If you would like to download files from megaupload (in this version, only for megaupload premium users), you must go to settings (last menu button) to fill some required fields :

Filling megaupload premium account settings

On the next versions more servers will be available (the next one will be rapidshare). As I said before, comments are welcome.

QR code

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  1. Hi, i've been looking for this app for my phone, but i think Android Market took it away, cause i can't find it. Anyway i've been trying to find it on the net in my pc, but apparently it soesn't exist either, so.. any idea about where can i find it?